Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Things

It's an exciting week in our house.  We are living in a three dog house at the moment (not to be mistaken with a Three Dog Night), and dog sitting our neighbors' two doodles.  Harper is in heaven, having the time of her life, and John and I are constantly cracking up at their crazy antics.  

In Cambria I tried my first fig and have been on a fig-eating roll ever since.  Fig season is short, so it's a good thing I caught onto their greatness when I did.  Figs ahoy!

While we were in Napa last weekend we used our handy dog book to find out about this great off-leash area surrounded by grape vines.  Harper had a great time tiring herself out with some Australian Shepherds.

No trip to Napa is complete without some Thomas Keller, right?  We couldn't get into any of his restaurants (which is fine since Redd and Bottega were incredible), but we did find our way to Bouchon Bakery to buy some toffee.  It was everything I expected from a Keller establishment.  

You can't tell from the picture, but these are some of my larger tomatoes, the Ernie Rounds (about the size of a child's fist).  My tomato plans aren't doing great, but they are producing some fruit, which makes it all worthwhile.

We visited a great olive oil store in St. Helena where I picked up this garlic olive oil.  To make this oil the garlic is pressed with the olives (instead of later infusing olive oil with garlic flavor).  It tastes great with bread and on tomatoes (especially my own).

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