Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cambria in iPhone

John and I headed to Cambria last weekend for Labor Day and couldn't have loved it there more.  

What's not to love about mile-long wooden boardwalks overlooking the ocean?  (It was dog friendly too!)

And how could we not love this view?

I only have time to post my iPhone/Instagram photos because I was up late playing Settlers of Catan last night.   (I let both our tomato suppliers win.)

This was our view from the deck at our beach house.  Harper and I loved to sit out there and read.  Well, I did most of the reading and she did most of the hummingbird chasing.

We brought Damages Season 3 to watch and were enthralled as the chronicles of Patty and Ellen played over this ultra warm fire.

Just a walk away from our house was the best "dog park" of all time.

It's not really a dog park, just a huge recreational area with great views and lots of trails that so happens to allow dogs off leash.

Harper adored the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and everything about Cambria.  John and I have found a new go-to vacation spot.  More pictures to follow soon!


  1. I can't get over all the wonderful places you go just for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER JEALOUS!

    p.s. would I like that settlers of catan game?

  2. Yes I think you'd like Settlers of Catan, but you need 3 people for it to be fun. Arianna does not count.


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