Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cambria for Labor Day

Cambria, Cambria, Cambria...where do I begin?  Well, first of all, John and I aren't even sure how to pronounce "Cambria."  I've been assuming it's pronounced similarly to the word "Cambridge," but we suppose it could be pronounced closer to "camera."  The reason we don't know how to pronounce it is that no one we know has ever heard of this place.  Whenever we told people we were going down to Cambria (of unknown pronounciation), we were met with blank stares.  "Halfway between LA and San Francisco," we would say.  Still, nothing.  

We certainly don't mind that this place is a mystery to all our friends.  One of the reasons we love it so much is because it is so quaint and filled with such natural charm.  Colored picket fences, flowers blooming, and a Main Street that can be walked in about 20 minutes.  

We ventured a few more miles south to Morro Bay.  Seeing the tell-tale Morro Rock (above) was not our focus, but a nice bonus.

Of course we went there to visit the dog beach!

This beach stretched on for miles and Harper (and her parents) had a blast.

While in Cambria we had to follow the signs to the Red Moose Cookie Company.  "Made with love?"  Yes, please!

Unfortunately, their cookies come in bags of four...which meant we had to leave with a dozen.  Snickerdoodle, peanut butter, and orange sugar cookie.  They were incredible.

We ate all our meals outside and were particularly fond of Robin's Cafe in downtown Cambria.  The dog-friendly patio out back was right next to a magnificent garden with a pear tree that provided fresh pears for their desserts.

When back at the beach house, Harper loved to sit right in the middle of the open door facing the deck.  I think she liked to smell all the smells in the fresh air but preferred the cushioned carpet.

We are thrilled to have found such a great seemingly-secret vacation spot.  How is it possible that the entire Bay Area isn't clued into this wonderful oasis a few hours south?

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