Friday, October 23, 2009

Red Mango

Tell me that doesn't look delicious. I dare ya.

I know this craze has been around awhile, but can we please discuss the whole frozen yogurt phenomenom? I'm not talking about TCBY (which, by the way, I thought stood for "That Can't Be Yogurt" for the longest time), I'm talking about all the new places out there with active yogurt cultures and fruit toppings. You know - the ones that sell you somewhat unhealthy food that you believe is quite healthy. Don't get me wrong, it is clearly much healthier than ice cream.. But it isn't healthier than a tiny cup of yogurt or just the fruit. For those of you who haven't partaken in this new fad, the yogurt is actually quite tart - the way yogurt in the grocery store is - and it's light and refreshing. I always get one fruit topping (either raspberries or strawberries) and then some form of chocolate chips (but I am bitter when they only have carob chips). The combo just does it for me, and for John too, who now orders the same thing as me. These froyo joints were all over NYC, and they are fairly common out here in San Fran too. I think that it's mostly a big city thing so far, and I'm not sure if the trend will die before it makes it to middle America. We are lucky enough to have a Red Mango nearby in Palo Alto, and we go here once a month or so. Red Mango was one of my favorite brands in NYC too, and in my opinion is much better than Pinkberry. Anyone else have an opinion on frozen yogurt?


  1. Clearly I am totally obsessed with Berry Chill (the Chicago equivalent) as I had to have it at my wedding. Frozen yogurt is the best!! I like mine with bananas and samoas (the girl scout cookie), that combo makes me happy.

  2. Of course I have an opinion on this type of fro yo! In fact, at one point I thought that I had so much to say about it, that you had to shut me up! I wasn't all that impressed w/ Pinkberry, but I really like Iceberry, which is in Georgetown. I also tried a place a few weeks ago called Caliyogurt, and I think that was my fave thus far. It was the creamiest!

  3. I just saw this place, which is also in Palo Alto: We should probably go sometime soon.


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