Monday, October 26, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

On Saturday, John and I set off in search of The Great Pumpkin. And instead, we came back with several pumpkins and loads of photos while making use of the new camera.

They had tons of pumpkins and plenty of gourds too.

And most importantly, tons of adorable little munchkins in wagons.

John and I had a great time wandering around checking out all the different varieties of pumpkins.

And Maddie came along to enjoy the fun too.

We obviously had to get a zebra pumpkin.

Farmer John, the owner, made sure to make the place very photogenic for us.

Nothing like a square pumpkin to make you break out the camera (okay ours was already out and taking tons of pictures).

I'm not sure I want to know where this tub came from.

Somehow we forgot to pick up one of these cool star-looking things.

They had tons of the regular olde purty kind.

Here's the family with our stash.

Looks like a pretty good haul to me.

Oh wait, now with two huge stalks of brussel sprouts, we are officially done.

They should count themselves lucky I didn't walk away with any sunflowers.

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