Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fish Mash

Have I got a recipe for you! Fish mash is so easy too! All you have to do is start by grinding 1 kg herring, Take half the ground herring and blend it in a blender with 1L of water. Add the other half of the ground herring and blend again. Did I lose you yet ? Have you ever seen a recipe for ground fish with water? Not exactly appetizing to us, but it's perfect for baby sea lions!

Last weekend we went to the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. John is posing with a sea lion statute, in case you were wondering.

Look at John go. Clearly he doesn't get out much. This statute is a life-size elephant seal and they can weigh up to 4,500 lbs or something crazy. Not exactly cute like the California sea lions that we saw. There were 77 there when we visited and they are grouped with 3 or 4 other sea lions with their own pools. We got to see the caretakers feed the sea lions and push them into their pools in a move that seemed to say "Get some exercise you lazy thing." Sea lions seem to be masters at laying around and lounging in the sun. My pictures of the sea lions didn't really turn out because mostly they are just laying there and honestly they look kinda sad. They have cute little faces though - reminded us of dogs. The sea lions at the center are there for different reasons - either they are sick, malnourished, or wounded, and the center is trying to get them back to full health so they can be released into the wild (aka home).

You can see into the kitchen they use to create different "recipes" for the animals depending on their species and what their ailment is. I believe "fish mash" is used for the baby sea lions and is fed to them in a little tube. Glad it floats their boat, because it certainly doesn't float mine.

Elephant Seal Weaner Formula starts with the fish mash made earlier and combines other lovely treats such as milk matrix (what?), filtered water, and salmon oil. Apparently this kitchen isn't whipping up crab cakes, so you have to get that somewhere else.

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  1. found your article while googleing for fishmash, and thought i'd mention that the recipe has changed somewhat.

    Most animals are currently receiving "FMO2010" - Fish Mash + Oil, 2010 formula:
    1.5 kg ground herring
    1500 ML water
    600 ML Salmon Oil

    add the herring and water to the blender, blend on Medium for 20-30 seconds, or until smooth. Add the oil, and blend again.

    strain the fmo, refrigerate for up to 24 hours.


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