Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

It's funny how things turn out. When I was a kid the last place on earth I would ever want to go would be a Crate & Barrel or a Williams Sonoma. Now those types of stores are my favorites and I could spend hours perusing the isles. I distinctly remember being dragged into a Crate & Barrel in Chicago as a kid and being on the verge of death by way of boredom.

The Williams Sonoma in San Fran is to die for, but not by boredom. I've never seen one that is three stories, and I couldn't help but gawk.

They even had some of Mr. Williams' private collection of cookware. How cool is that?

It had never even occurred to me before that there was a Mr. Williams. Apparently he loved his kitchen gadgets though!

John and I watched a pasta making demonstration for about 10 minutes. We are pretty eager to make our own pasta, despite all the work it seems to be. The man rolling out linguine assured us it was easy as pie, but telling someone that who can't make a pie crust doesn't exactly fill her with hope.


  1. yes, try it. it's more on the technical leval of making a cake batter rather than a pie crust - super easy!

  2. oh that williams-sonoma looks SO FABULOUS!!!

  3. and, seriously, when did cookware become so exciting? I'm officially an old lady.


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