Thursday, July 29, 2010

While the Cat's Away

While the cat's away...the mouse will be very lonely.

John left on Sunday for two weeks and this mouse has not exactly been reveling in any new found freedom.  To combat my loneliness I put pictures of John up in the places I would see them the most.  One is next to the TV of course - what else does one do when they are alone?  (30 Rock DVDs anyone?)

John always makes fun of me for taking such a long time to get ready at night, so I thought I should accompany my long tooth brushing sessions with a picture at his sink.

One last picture on the nightstand.  On his side of course (hence the overly wrinkled pillow cases).

So for the next two weeks, it's just me, Maddie, and some picture frames.  I better find some intensive recipes to make to keep me occupied.

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