Friday, July 9, 2010

Mendo Commute

In my hurry to blog about Mendocino I forgot to blog about our drive there.  It's about a four hour trip from Mountain View, and we realized we probably couldn't wait until we arrived to grab a bite for lunch (I get cranky when I'm hungry).  We very nearly ate at a disgusting looking deli in some random town, but decided to wait it out until the next lunch spot...and the heavens parted and bestowed Boonville upon us.

Our route took us straight through downtown Boonville where we were delighted to find a local and organic lunch spot that is the type of place that gives you cute little numbers for your table while you wait. 

And while I waited and contemplated the cute number, I also devoured my organic butterscotch pecan bar.  It was out of this world (literally, its life wasn't very long once I got a hold of it).  

I got a BLT and it came with thick-cut sweet potato fries.  We were meant to be together.  

Maddie didn't get to chow down on organic fare, but she was pretty satisfied just getting out of the car.  

He was pretty happy to get out of the car too, but he also enjoyed a ham and swiss.  

I actually made us get out of the car about thirty minutes later when we spotted a farm stand.  Not that John was surprised (I mean, were you?).

Blue ribbon central - this was a good sign.  

I know we go to farmers markets all the time, but something about fruit on the side of the road makes it all the more appealing (not in a roadkill way).  We got peaches and cherries, in case you were wondering.  Would've made for a great pie, but that will have to wait for another day.  


  1. i want that sandwich and fries NOW!

  2. Fruit stands by the side of the road are the BEST!

  3. Delicious food, beautiful Market, I just had to google how far from LA it was. It looks like an adorable place to go.

  4. On the way to OBX I promise we'll pick up a couple of mixed-fruit pies at our favorite stand for us all to share!


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