Monday, April 26, 2010

Poker Face

Eek sorry, I didn't mean to scare you with my "poker face."  This thing isn't actually my poker face, it's John's.  At our poker party last week one of his coworkers brought this thing as the trophy.  Hooray, John won the poker game, which paid for the party (and then some), but I did not want Mr. Poker Face in my home.  Luckily, John was willing to bring that guy to work to show it off.  Phew.

The party was on a Tuesday at 6:00, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it home in time.  Is it weird that I left notes all over the house telling John things that needed to be done and where certain items were to be laid out on the table?  His friend Ray was giving him a ride home so he could get there early and set up.  Luckily I managed to beat them home and remove the little notes (yes, the paper has shoes all over them - my mom knows me well) before Ray realized how crazy I was.

Sadly, I was too busy to really go too crazy with this party like I'm known to do.  So we had some XXL bags of chips and kettle corn to keep the masses fed.  I also made a fruit salad because I was too lazy to make cole slaw or potato salad.

I'm sure the tulips really mattered to most of our guests (read: guys).

John took control of the main "dish" - sliders.  Why are sliders much more fun to eat than regular sized burgers?  We ate them on those delicious Hawaiian rolls - yum.  People went crazy for them.  We only made two pounds worth at first and had to make the last pound on the fly.

What I did go all-out for was the desserts.  Probably because that's what I care about most.  Everyone went nuts, as always, for the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  These are universally beloved, and Kathy-beloved.  If you haven't tried these cookies yet, you really need to - you will not be the same afterwards.

Cookies weren't enough, so I had to make cupcakes too.  With Magnolia Bakery buttercream of course.  As it turns out, guys playing poker aren't that into cupcakes getting icing all over their hands.  Oh well, more for me!  

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  1. That weird jug is super scary! I'm glad John won and all, but man, I'd consider losing just to NOT have that thing! :)


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