Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I never would have guessed that boiled soy beans with salt on top would be delicious, but anyone that has tasted buttery edamame knows how irresistible this snack is.  I liken them to Japanese pretzels because it's a salty, satisfying snack.  I used to buy frozen edamame in New York, but I've since given it up.  Usually I'm too hungry to wait for water to boil and then for the edamame to cook when my tummy is grumbling.  Plus frozen edamame isn't as good as the fresh variety you get in a great sushi place.  

Tonight when I was rooting around our crisper drawer I happened upon the sugar snap peas I bought at the farmers market.  On a whim, I decided to turn them into an appetizer for us to snack on while I reheated the baked potato soup I made yesterday and roasted some broccoli.  

It wasn't an appetizer, really, and it wasn't edamame, but it was almostmame.  I chopped off the flowery ends, placed the peas in an asian-inspired bowl, and John and I stood around chatting and chomping while I stirred the soup.  I love sugar snap peas.  It's a pretty impressive vegetable to be tasty enough to stand on its own for a munch-fest.  


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