Saturday, April 17, 2010

One Year In

A year ago this week John and I arrived in California.  It's shocking how fast the time has gone.

We took a few pictures on the drive across the country.  This was in Utah I think.

This was dreaded Nevada.  Well, actually, it wasn't dreaded.  But once we got there we did not enjoy it much because of the two feet of snow we were driving through.  John is cleaning our car outside the Super 8 we had to stay in since it was too late, dark, and ridiculously snowy one night to look for any other hotels.

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken as soon as we got into California.  We drove down a mountain for about an hour.  It's incredible how a river or mountain separates almost every state.  And each state have its own unique geography.  Something you don't realize until you're driving through several in a row.

This was taken as we drove through the East Bay to get to where we were staying in San Jose.  I've probably never seen it with so few cars since!

Now, one year in, we continue to love this place we call home.

It's still new to us, which can be really fun.  These pictures were taken over Easter weekend by my dad.  We went to Crissy Field with my parents, and it was our first trip there.  There's still so much we haven't done here.

San Fran is off in the background.  We still don't know what the heck that dome is in front of the city.  To be found out on another trip I guess.

My mom only got in two shots during this photoshoot, but I love the way this one turned out.  It's a bizarre experience to have your parents visit you at your home.  A role reversal of sorts.  I love exploring this new place with them.


  1. i think the dome is the exploratorium/palace of fine arts :)

  2. It's a little weird, for sure, but you are one incredible hostess and I love visiting!!

  3. One year already! Wow, how time flies!

    I think the dome is this hands on science museum I went to once. Exploratorium?

  4. Yeah, Exploratorium.


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