Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fremont Diner

Welcome to Fremont Diner, otherwise known as the best place to get California-fied comfort food in the cutest setting imaginable.

A chalkboard menu is not the least bit out of place at a diner like this.  Luckily they had printed menus for those of us who were too lazy to remember how to read cursive.

Everything about this place is well thought-out.  Every element is chosen with care and heightens the vibe.

They sell all kinds of jarred goodies like Blacktop Molasses BBQ Sauce.  Why did I not bring this home??

Uh oh, I just noticed they had Swedish fish and I didn't buy any for John.  I still love you, honey!

If these glasses were for sweet tea instead of water I would have been even happier.

Can I please own a place like this one day where I can spend my free time buying knick knacks to fill it with.

Baked goods sat on the counter near the register looking irresistible, yet somehow I resisted.

This is how lunch should be: pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, and a nice cold bottle of Cheerwine.  I have a feeling most of my readers aren't familiar with Cheerwine, but it's a soda native to the South that tastes like Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper mixed together.

Everything is purposeful - mismatched chairs and aprons along the wall.  You can't help but take photos of a place like this.

I'm not sure if this antique car ever moves from this parking place, but I have no problem giving up the VIP spot.

Picnic tables in the sun are the perfect place to enjoy comfort food.

What a beautiful view.  This is the perfect time to go to Wine Country because the hills are green and it's nice and warm.  And when you go, make sure you go to Fremont Diner in Sonoma.  Just don't forget the Swedish fish.  

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  1. i didn't know you could even get cheerwine out of north carolina! not that i've ever had it, but people who have lived in NC are crazy for that stuff.


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