Monday, April 12, 2010

Cupcake Tasting Party

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is the lovely afternoon you and your fiancée spend chowing down on different flavors of cake and all kinds of icing.  After you get married, you usually don't get to do that again.  Unless of course you happen to have friends getting married who decide to host a cupcake tasting party to decide what cupcake company they'll be using instead of a wedding cake.  Cupcakes were brought from far and wide - from Oakland to Palo Alto to Berkley to San Mateo.  Five companies in all.  Thirty-five cupcakes.  Seven big kids and one little one.

These came from a new place in Berkeley called Summer Kitchen Bakeshop.  The ones with a raspberry on top had a tiny bit of raspberry ganache inside.  The buttercream icing on top was almost like whipped cream it was so light and fluffy.

I had to do a closeup on this one, perhaps the most beautiful cupcake of all, lemon meringue.  It was just like the pie, except, well, a cupcake.

These mini-cupcakes were from a place called Sibby's.

With flavors like Grandma's Chocolate Tea Cake and Snickerdoodle, how could they not win?

John and I brought some cupcakes from Sprinkles.  I was surprised the strawberry one was so amazing - extra sweet but with a real strawberry flavor.

Our smallest cupcake taster was named Bridget and probably was the only one who didn't eat herself sick on them.  You'll learn that later in life, my dear.

Natalie made up scorecards for us to rate all of the flavors and companies - how great is that?

Here is the aftermath.  There ended up being plenty left over - which is frankly surprising with John and I around.

Only a couple were left untouched, though I'm sure they're no longer so pristine.  Natalie and Mitch claimed they would bring the extras to work on Monday, but who were they kidding?


  1. i feel a little sick just looking at the next to last picture. haha. thanks again for coming over!

  2. What a terrific idea! and a great excuse to indulge since each had to be tried!!

  3. OMG I am so jealous! I'm going to fly out to SF and be Natalie's wedding planner just so I can try all those cupcakes. Gluten allergy be damned! And I'm really disappointed there were any left at the end. *shaking head* And I thought you appreciated the wonder that is cupcakes.

  4. i'm hosting a cupcake tasting for my little sister's sweet 16 this weekend- any chance you could e-mail me your template?? Would be so grateful!!!

    Tess from Chicago

  5. I'm happy to email you the template, but I can't access your email address from your blogger profile. Email me at and I can give it to you. Thanks.

  6. Wow!! This cupcakes tasting party is looking very amazing. Had never arranged such parties before but planning to arrange it this time at one of San Francisco venues. Will have few kinds of delicious cupcakes there. All my invitees would love it.


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