Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Things

I enjoy writing these Five Things posts, and depending on the week, I either have 10 legitimate ideas or zero.  This week was a week where I had a lot I wanted to discuss, but that's mostly because I managed to have my camera out when I needed it.  For instance, moments before I devoured this burger I was able to get a picture.  Five Guys has finally come out to the Bay Area and now I have one less reason to visit the East Coast.  Sorry everyone!  

I've taken to getting all kinds of processed and fatty toppings on my frozen yogurt lately.  All the froyo shops seem to carry these toppings now, whereas they used to only have healthy fresh fruit.  These kinds of toppings bring me back to the TCBY days of my youth!  (TCBY seems to be mainly focused in rest stops and airports now, though - right?)  Forgo the raspberries and bring of the crushed Oreos!  At least when I eat it with these toppings I don't have to engage in the "this isn't that bad for me" conversation.  

I am 90% certain that I haven't mentioned this cookbook in a Five Things post yet, but if I have, then you know how much I love it!  Slow Cooker Revolution is the perfect slow cooker cookbook because it combines beautiful pictures with helpful hints (it is from America's Test Kitchen) and a wide range of recipes. I love this cookbook because it contains simple recipes that require mostly dumping in ingredients and complex recipes to fully utilize the slow cooker's potential.  I've made a chicken curry recipe and a chili recipe so far and they've both been great.  The chili recipe will hopefully be featured on here soon!

Strawberries are invading the Farmers Markets and John and I have been buying hoards of them.  Eating them with our Sunday lunches has been great, but what is even better is when John does the slicing and sets it out in a pretty bowl with our two forks to share.  I love that guy.

As a LaBarre woman, I decided our gal Harper needed some bling.  We got her an adorable ID tag from Etsy for $12.  Cheaper than any of my bling, that's for sure.    

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