Sunday, May 1, 2011

Land's End

Squirmy McSquirms a lot was not interested in sitting still for a picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge...

But she managed to sit still long enough for a hrumph face.

John and I went for a hike in San Francisco at an amazing trial overlooking the Bay called Land's End.  Next week we will try the L.L. Bean trail I hope!

Halfway through the hike there was a sign for a side trail leading to a beach.

We went down to check it out not knowing how amazingly beautiful it would be.  The lesson of the story is that occasionally detours pan out.

We took Harper off her leash and she sprinted like crazy to the water and then away from the waves out of fear/terror.  She still isn't keen on waves yet.

Isn't California spectacular?

Even on a beach Harper managed to find her favorite toy, a pine cone!

"AAAH a wave almost got me!"

I think we'll be back to visit this amazing place again.

After romping on the beach we hiked up the neighboring hill overlooking the waves.

Tired of the view of the Golden Gate yet?  Me neither!

Maybe if I do this enough Harper will learn how to smile pretty.  In the meantime look forward to a lot of these shots!

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