Tuesday, April 26, 2011

San Jose Doodle Romp

Sometimes I think I have two blogs - one about food and the other about dogs.  Sadly, I only have one blog and it gets muddled with posts about my two worlds - Foodiebia and Doggiebia.

For those of you who only read this blog for the food, please feel free to ignore the next 10 photos.

For those of you who like pictures of dogs, this is the post for you!

We had another Doodle Romp this past weekend, this time at Hellyer Dog Park in San Jose.  I love this dog's Alfalfa look.

Dogs are so cute when they greet each other politely like this...before they proceed to pummel the other dog to the ground.

We usually try to get group photos at these type of events, but you can imagine it isn't an easy feat.

There were more dogs than owners, so there had to be a few loose doodles in the picture.

No, that isn't Harper.  It is a 50 pound version of Harper though.

No, that isn't Harper either.  It was BeeBee, another chocolate Australian Labradoodle pup, this one brought by a local breeder.
This little sweetie was named Violet and she loved tennis balls something fierce.

Bunny ears are a "thing" this year, right?   Both John and I feel like we've seen an inordinate amount of them around.  I prefer them on babies and dogs best.

Theeeeeeere's Harper!  Chomping down on a 4 month-old lab puppy.

"I'm gonna get yooooou!"

 A taller, thinner looking version of Harper.

Look at Harper attracting trouble!

Here she is starting trouble by playing keep-away.  This is her new favorite thing to do.  Find a toy/stick/ball and flaunt it in front of another dog until they chase her.

This lab puppy was absolutely adorable.

Harper, Mochi, and Lucca were the last to leave.  All the dogs had an amazing time.  

Harper is crossing her paws we have a doodle romp again soon!


  1. whoa, totally weird to see other "versions" of Harper. looks like you guys had a great time! :)

  2. That poor lab puppy. Odd man out at the doodle romp.

  3. Awww, they all look so adorable. How about Groodle puppies and labradoodle. they are also great pets.

    Amey xoxox


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