Monday, April 11, 2011

Dip in Marin

Last weekend we went up to Marin to spend a beautiful day walking (and occasionally running) on a couple of beaches and wandering around with a bouncy puppy.

She was more than thrilled to chase down some puppies and bite their butts.  Where are her manners?

She enjoyed fetching any random ratty tennis ball we could find in the sand.

She mostly loved chasing this little girl and the stick she was carrying.  I swear Harper was a minute away from just hopping in their van and heading home with them.

While Harper napped off her first beach visit of the day we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Osteria Stellina.

I had the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life and then proceeded to eat three pieces of pizza.  One might think I have a bread and cheese obsession.

After lunch we strolled around town with Harper, forcing her to pose in some family photos around Point Reyes.

Say cheese (and bread)!

Harper looks like she's saying "What?  I don't bark anyway!"

This is what it looks like all over the Point Reyes countryside.  You can't tell, but the hills are dotted with cows.

I wish we were staying the night so we could have gone to the Barn Dance!  How adorable is that?

Oh and at Toby's Feed Barn you can pick up some chicks for your hen house.  We don't have much space for chickens at our townhome though.

We found a pamphlet for dog-friendly areas nearby and headed to a beach we'd never seen before.

It was probably windier than I've ever seen on a beach.  This is just Harper standing still.

Dad and pup had a good time chasing one another.

The windy day made for some beautiful waves, exploding as they crashed into the shore.

A wonderful and tiring day was had by all.  Naps immediately followed.


  1. LOVE the grilled cheese at Stellina. Worth the drive on its own!

  2. beautiful pictures, too bad you missed that barn dance!


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