Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Things by Harper

Hi guys!  Harper here fillin' in for Mama.  Here to tell you 'bout some of my five favorite things.

Of all places on this earth I think I love the beach the most.  It's just so...big.  I always get to run around and do whatever I want.  Usually there are other dogs there doing what I like to do too!  Playin'!

Here is my monkey, Fitzwilliam.  He is my most favorite stuffed animal and I've had him for, like, forever.  Mama cut the tail off Fitz...something about a seam breakin' or whatever.  Fitz was not pleased.  No he was not, Mama.

Mom and Dad got me this new food called Taste of the Wild.  I don't really look like the wolf on the package, but this stuff sure is tasty.  Supposed to be pretty good for me too, but what does a pup like me care about that?

I like napping, but what I like most is napping in someone's lap.  I don't know why I can't have a lap around me at all times for such purposes

My mouth has been hurtin' really badly lately.  I don't understand what "teething" is, but I don't like it!  It makes my mouth feel better if I can chew and chew and chew, so when these lil guys are around I have plenty to keep me busy!  Sometimes the baseboards are too tempting, though!

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