Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Things

It's Mother's Day weekend, and while I won't be spending it with my mom, I will be thinking of her.  Luckily my homemade gift already arrived a few days early so she can be the first of her friends to report at coffee what her daughter gave .  (Let's be honest, none of them are reporting what their sons got them.)  I love you mom, and I wish we could be together to celebrate!

So my love for my mom and these spatulas aren't exactly on the same level, but something had to follow up my top billing.  At the Le Creuset outlet last weekend I restrained myself immensely and only bought a few minor things.  Two of which were new spatulas.  I got a second spatuloon (my word not theirs) since we use our other one constantly and it might be nice to give it a friend.  I also found a replacement for the spatula that cruelly broke inside brownies awhile back.  The clerk said he's never heard of that happening and if it happens again within 5 years of buying the spatula I should give Le Creuset a call.  Hopefully I won't need to call them, but beware brownie eaters, I am on the loose with a new spatula!

I couldn't just add to my growing utensil stash and expect my current containers to withstand the expansion, so I obviously needed to get a second huge Le Creuset utensil crock.  These are great.  Big, sturdy, and pretty!

Food books can go one of two ways for me.  I either love 'em or I hate 'em.  So many are poorly written and not worth reading.  Food Heroes is the opposite.  The author writes beautifully and describes "food heroes" across the world who use artisan methods to make all types of food.  The book includes recipes for both bacon and butter - both of which I intend to try soon!  If you like food, give this wonderful book a try, and let me know if you try the bacon recipe before I do.  (Interestingly enough, I won this book by entering a contest on a popular food blog, Tartlette.)

One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?  Or in this case, one sassy lady's trash is another sassy lady's treasure.  When visiting Anika several months ago she set up her guest room with cute gifts for me, including this Misto oil sprayer that she had never used or planned on using.  You fill it with your own oil (I prefer to keep mine filled with olive oil), and by pumping it you give it enough pressure to spray the oil.  It's environmentally friendly and extremely convenient.  If anyone else is interested in disposing of kitchen gadgets, let me know, I'll be right over!

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  1. Daughter, you're always on my top 5 list! Even more now that I got to eat some of your cookies!! It's cruel and unusual punishment to read on your blog about foods I'll never get to least until our next visit with you :-)


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