Sunday, February 7, 2010

Study Cave

As most of you know, I am holed up studying for the California Bar Exam at the moment.  I've turned our office into my own study cave and it's quite a sight.  On my desk you can always find a half-full glass of water, hundreds of blank index cards, what seems like thousands of flash cards, my trusty laptop, a few lists i have going (naturally), and some sort of workbook, notes, etc. plopped right in the middle of it all.  Oh and don't forget the never-full-enough bowl of kettle corn always present.

I've taken to buying kettle corn at our farmers market as a study snack.  The first week I bought a small bag.  The second week a large bag.  This week I bought two large bags.  I go through half a large bag a day, so this will only keep me until Wednesday.  I've already looked up a kettle corn recipe to try out on Thursday when I get desperate.  I am serious.

Here's my highly organized and neat pile of notes and books.  I have a huge box of books I probably will never get to downstairs.  This mess is exactly why I decided to move my study operations from our kitchen table to the office - I got tired of eating dinner next to my Conviser Mini Review.  Please note the recipe cards mixed in the with bar study materials.  I haven't lost myself completely in this study process. 

And in order to get through the bar with flying colors I present to you, my study buddy.  She quizzes me on flashcards and times my practice essays.  Well, actually she spends the day napping on her bed which sits right next to my desk.  About halfway through the day she starts giving me looks like "Hey Mom, it's great having you home, but you're kinda starting to bore me.  You just gonna sit there all day?"  She's not the only one a bit bored of it all. 


  1. You poor thing. I'm sorry. The Bar Exam is a horrible beast. Good luck! And party it hardy when it's over later this month.

  2. Are these the $5 or $8 large bags? Man, that stuff is so good!


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