Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mystery Package

John was out of town on business for the past few days and warned me that my Valentine's Day present might arrive when he was gone.  So when two packages arrived on our doorstep this afternoon (one actually for my neighbor, thanks Mr. UPS man!) and the other from The Popcorn Factory, I strategically placed the one for us by the door in such a way that John might not realize I had seen the huge Popcorn Factory logo on the side.  When John got home tonight, he said "Oh what is this?" and I played dumb for another minute until I realized it wasn't actually from him.  I welcomed him back home by ditching him at the door so I could dig into my package! 

The Popcorn Factory part I had figured out before I opened it, but I didn't know who it would be from.  I should have realized that my blog's only reader, Anika, was the culprit, because only she would know how obsessed I've been with popcorn while studying!   Also, she just so happens to be the sweetest girl in the world and practically keeps Hallmark in business by sending people nice cards all the time.  I'm so lucky to have a friend like her, especially at a time in my life when emotional eating is second on my list only to Real Property MBE questions. 

Kettle corn, schmettle corn!  Now I can have a different type of popcorn every day!

It's amazing how much stuff they put in that tin!  The perfect combination of sweet and savory.  I will be doing a lot of alternating between one delicious thing to the next.

Star candy...which clearly means I will be a star on the bar exam!  Wow that really crossed the lame line.

I've never had a popcorn ball before, but clearly this will be something I will like.

S'mores corn, oh s'mores corn.  It's a miracle that can only be attributed to the late hour I opened the package that any of this still exists. 

So if you need me in the next week I'll have my left hand in a bag of popcorn and my right gripping a pen all too tightly while I scratch out my millionth essay outline. 


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it. Happy eating (and studying too I guess).

  2. ooh la la! how nice of Anika!


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