Friday, January 8, 2010

New Years 2010

Thanks for summing it up so nicely, Heather!   Heather and Matt were visiting for New Years this year and we had a great time ringing in 2010.  Unfortunately 2010 leaves us all still in an awkward period where I'm left speechless as to what to call the decade.  

Mitch and Natalie came over too - and they brought dinner!  Apparently I am the only one who had to work on New Years Eve and they felt sorry for me.  I bet you've never had someone bring New Years dinner over to your house!

Heather, Natalie, and I all graduated from Tallwood High in 2000 - who would have thought we'd be in California together in 2010.  

I did help out with dinner a little bit.  I made Caesar salad from that recipe I keep swearing I'll post.  Sorry, not happening here either.

Natalie and Mitch brought over bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with mascarpone cheese.  Heather was really wary of these at first, never having eaten dates or mascarpone.  Naturally, she was converted.  Bacon.  Hellooo.

The only thing that makes pulled pork sandwiches better is to make them mini - pulled pork sliders!

The star of the night was Nat's mac & cheese topped with panko breadcrumbs.  John and I both went nuts for this - I think he had thirds. 

Here's the spread.  Natalie and Mitch also brought over some spicy cole slaw and Matt made some delicious Asian slaw (which I'm awaiting the recipe for).   We pretty much gorged ourselves and then topped it off with the key lime pie I made for dessert. 

I took lots of pictures that night, and many of them look like this.  

Apparently when you put a bunch of goofy guys in a room together they are incapable of looking normal in a photo. 

Here is Heather with her new boyfriend, bananagrams.  We played this game about 100 times over the weekend.  I kept calling it bananarama for some unknown reason.  

Heather not only brought bananagrams, but she also brought some mustaches she forgot to use as a stocking stuffer for her brother.  They each had names like "art thief" and "detective" and provided us no end of entertainment.  

It's funny because my real hair looks a mess, as does my 'stache.  

I love this picture because Heather is just going about her business as if she doesn't have a mustache on.

I guess I can't blame him for making faces with that thing glued to his lip.

Matt definitely pulled off his mustache in a way that creeped us all out. 

But no one looked better than Pooh Bear!  I haven't been interested in a stuffed animal in about 15 years (okay 10), but this little guy was too cute. 

After plenty of mustache shenanigans and bananagrams (and after beating the boys at Cranium), it was finally time to count down to midnight with Dick Clark.  Even though when it was live he did it three hours ago.  Watching Times Square three hours late is kind of pathetic.  We all decided the West Coast needs its own version.  

I swear he didn't let Maddie drink any of the champagne.  Not while I was looking at least.  Maybe her resolution should be to give up the sauce. 


  1. are we allowed to put in recipe requests? b/c i'd ask about the bacon covered dates. people love those things!

  2. These pics are fantastic!!! I think everyday should be wear a mustache day!


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