Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Bet You Don't Have These

No, this isn't a giant Oreo...but it is a cake pan set for MAKING a giant Oreo cake.  John's mom got us this awesome gift for Christmas, and I can't wait to make a huge cookie cake.  The set naturally includes a recipe so you're not left hanging on that front.  Apparently the idea for this gift came from John's old nickname as a child, "Cookie cake."  He vehemently denies any association with that name. 

John's mom also got us these adorable apple pie pockets.  We can make a non-gross version of those hand-held McDonald's apple pies!  She said she thought we might like to bring dessert to the beach or on one of our day trips, and I definitely agree! 

I'll keep everyone updated on my experiments with these fun desserts


  1. I still don't understand how the pocket pie molds work, but it sounds like fun!

  2. can i start calling john cookie cake? wait...revise that...can i start calling cookie cake cookie cake?

  3. meghan got one of these for xmas, except it's a giant cupcake, not a giant oreo. so awesome!


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