Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Steak Fries

It's Fryday, Fryday!  Gotta get some on Fryday!  Everybody's lookin' foward to eatin', eatin'!  Fryday, Fryday!  Eatin' some on Fryday!  Everybody's stuffin' their mouths with steak fries!

Oh Rebecca Black, how can I ever repay you for providing me with your inane song to get stuck in my head day after day and providing me with an intro to my steak fries post?  I'm afraid I will always be in your debt.

As promised, I am continuing my series of posts on fried items during the month of June, this time with fried, well, fries.  I promise not to start the rest of my Fried Things posts with horrible lyrics, but I just couldn't resist.

I've made faux-fries a few times now, which aren't fries at all because they are actually baked. I decided to bite the bullet and make fried fries.  As expected, they are infinitely tastier than the baked variety.

Steak fries are incredibly easy, and if you are already heating up some oil you might as well drop in some sliced potatoes for a few minutes and make fries!  Since they aren't breaded and aren't meat, they don't leave your oil with residue or an off-flavor.  That means you an fry your fries before pretty much anything else you might put in the fryer.

In my case, I was frying up the fish I posted about earlier, which made a mess in my oil, so it was important to do these fries first.  I find the the sign of a bad restaurant is if anything fried you get tastes fishy.  It means they are using the seafood oil to fry other things, like your plantains.  Disgusting.  (It kind of tastes like when you get Omega-3 fortified foods, which always taste a bit fishy.)  So do everything in the right order and you will have some perfect chips to go alongside your fish!  Or chips to go with your doughnuts if that's what you happen to be frying that day.  Not that I would ever do that.  Just like I would never sing along to a Rebecca Black song.  Never ever.

Steak Fries
From Paula Deen

2 large russet potatoes
Kosher salt
Enough canola oil for at least 2 inches in your pot.

Heat oil to 375 degrees in dutch oven.  Meanwhile, cut potatoes in half and then cut into steak-fry strips.  It is best if these pieces are uniform in size (especially width).  When the oil is hot enough, add one potato-worth of cut up strips at a time and fry until golden brown, about 7 minutes.  Be sure to flip occasionally.  Remove to a pan and sprinkle immediately with kosher salt.  Keep warm in a 200 degree oven while you cook the rest.

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