Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Things

Our time with Cody is coming to a close, and we will be sad to see him leave.  This visit, in particular, he has been indispensable.  John and I are both so busy working that he and Harper can entertain each other with only the occasional "hey cut it out" and "leave it" from us.  The dogs don't even need long walks since they get plenty of exercise indoors.  Who knew that having a second dog around would actually make life easier?

My newest Trader Joe's snack attack item are these sesame honey almonds.  It's hard to describe how these taste, but I can guarantee they taste a lot better than plain ole almonds.  The sesame seeds provide almost a smoky flavor and make the almonds even more savory tasting.  Yum.

Since I post about doughnuts a lot on Five Things, I figured I should also include the current doughnut in my life - doughnut peaches.  This picture doesn't really do justice to how much these peaches resemble doughnuts, but if you've seen them in person you know what I mean.  Doughnut peaches have a slightly milder flavor than regular peaches and have less fuzz and acid.  They are delicious, and I highly recommend you eat this "doughnut" as your next.

Since it's cherry season, it's high time you went out and bought a cherry pitter.  These are necessary if you ever have any intention of baking with cherries.  Even with this little guy you have to do the cherries one by one, and I cannot fathom having to do all that with a paring knife.  After cherry picking last Saturday I convinced Natalie and Hilary to both get one, so now it's your turn!

Better early than late, right?  John and I were both convinced that LAST Sunday was Father's Day and only realized our mistake when John called his dad.  At least their presents arrived early...though I can attest that my mom has been hoarding mine - per my instructions - until the actual day (I am very fussy about opening presents on the actual day they were meant for).  Happy Father's Day, Dad!  This Sunday, last Sunday, and all the Sundays to come!


  1. I'm at conference this week in Roanoke and Dad has to wait 'til I get home for his present ;-)

  2. I've never heard of doughnut peaches. I'll have to find some and try them!

  3. Actually, I'm longing for the onion rings but don't think they mail well,




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