Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Things - Outlet Mall Edition

Ladies, do not go to an outlet mall by yourself.  I repeat: do not go to an outlet mall by yourself without your man's boredom or your friend's judgment to curb you from buying literally everything your heard desires.  This can also be exacerbated by a hard week at work when you feel like nothing but shopping can ease the pain.  I went under such circumstances last weekend and literally filled an entire trunk with shopping bags by the end of the day.

I naturally enjoyed my visit to the Le Creuset outlet.  All their red, white, and blue merchandise was 25% off, and clearly I needed this ceramic mortar and pestle to make guacamole!

The mean, evil, horrible salesclerk asked me at the register "Do you have any of our cast iron?"  Do I have any of your cast iron?  Please!  I said I had lots, in all different colors, and he said he would give me 40% off one piece of cast iron cookware.  An offer I couldn't refuse, clearly!  I decided to pick up this smaller cast iron saute pan for when I'm just cooking up a few vegetables and don't want to use the big ones.  This allowed me to finally get rid of my last Teflon saute pan so all I have left are cast iron and stainless steel.  Huzzah!

This little bowl may not seem like a lot, but I can assure you it is worth its weight in gold.  I make oatmeal every morning for breakfast, as I've said numerous times on the ole bloggie.  I am too lazy to make the stove top kind, so I use the microwave.  This bowl is absolutely perfect, because due to the magic of modern science, the little handle bit stays cool while the rest of the bowl heats up.  Any oatmeal lovers out there should head to the Corning outlet and get yourself several.  (On this latest trip I picked up 2 to bring my set to 7.  Just enough to make it through the week.)

The item I actually intended to purchase at Le Creuset was this sugar dish.  Naturally, I did not fail in my quest, and found out the sugar dish also comes with a creamer pitcher.  Don't mind if I do!

At Caphalon I finally picked up some spring form pans that I had been intending to buy for awhile.  After my last cake baking required some serious prying out of the pan, I decided I needed to get some real pans for the next effort.  I got two since no birthday cake is complete without multiple layers (though I suppose the shape of a bunny will do).


  1. I wanna see your new sevens! Will there be another Five Things outlet edition post? :P

  2. hahahaha, I don't know if I would have been a helpful friend, because I LOVE your purchases!!! Especially the oatmeal bowl, that is INGENIOUS. I burned my thumb really badly on a bowl after making oatmeal a few months back but couldn't put anything on it because I was pregnant. That bowl would have solved all those problems


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