Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Things

While we were in Stinson Beach last weekend, we discovered something wonderful.  The cafe we went to for brunch/lunch also served hotly fried cake doughnuts every morning (if you got there early enough).  John headed over there to grab me a muffin one morning and instead found out he could get fresh doughnuts.  Well get fresh doughnuts he did, and the next day I told him to get me two!  I usually prefer yeast doughnuts, but a fresh cake doughnut is pretty amazing too, especially when enjoyed at a cottage at the beach.  I've barely survived my four-day week at work without these doughnuts greeting me when I wake up!

Anyone else excited for cherry season?  I prefer the ones that are so dark they are almost black.  I like my cherries achingly sweet, thank you very much.  Rainers are pretty great too, I suppose.

I finally got my big telephoto fixed and got a chance to try it out at Stinson Beach last weekend.  It's a bit too heavy to carry on a 3 mile walk, but I managed.  The action shots of Harper came out even better with this 80-200 lens.  And my biceps got a workout, so that wasn't all bad.

John's mom got me this great cookbook awhile back from the City Tavern restaurant in Philadelphia.  The cookbook explores early American cuisine based on the famous City Tavern visited by the likes of John Adams and Paul Revere.  Why can't all history lessons be taught in cookbooks?!  I would have enjoyed history a lot more if it had been that way.

There are some things that I will buy a little ahead of season here in Northern California, and one of them is corn.  How could I resist steaming some ears to eat on Memorial Day?  If you are like me and don't use any sort of margarine or squeezable "butter," I highly recommend melting some butter in the microwave and using your silicon brush to brush on the butter.  It's a lot easier than trying to spread it on with a knife!  The more butter on my corn, the better!

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