Saturday, March 19, 2011


Dearest Mom and Dad,
Did I spend my entire childhood wearing hats?

Were you trying to cover up the bowl haircut you forced upon me?

When I had something on my head did a picture suddenly seem warranted?

And why did all of these hats look ridiculous on me?

Did I have some secret hat obsession I'm only now discovering?

Did you ever imagine that some twenty-plus years later I would be posting pictures documenting your hat obsession on something called the internet?  That one I think I know the answer to.

Your loving daughter,


  1. I'm only responsible for the Bears hat [and the photos]. . .


  2. As if we could get you into something that you didn't like! Do you suppose it had something to do with your father posing you? I get the credit for the Christmas photo with the hard hat, as Dad's arm is in the picture, but hatted or not, you have always been beautiful!

  3. OMG the bonnet picture is to die for! I love a little baby in a bonnet

  4. Don't you have a grown up version of the hat in the first picture?

  5. Haha actually I believe the hat in the first picture was my mom's hat. But yes, I do have a similar version that I wear now. I guess this means I'm the one obsessed with hats!


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