Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Caribbean Beach Diet

Ever heard of the South Beach Diet?  Well I'm here to tell you about the Caribbean Beach Diet, which I guarantee will be a lot more satisfying than anything coming from South Beach.  First off, start consuming things like hot dogs that you would normally never eat.  Then, start eating two hot dogs at a time once your body can handle it.

Because afternoons lounging in the sun are exhausting, make sure you consume half a bag of cheese curls (or potato chips if you are desperate) to satisfy your munchies.

Every single time you pass a place selling crepes, get one.  Eat them with sugar, nutella, or jam.  Just eat them.

Bread is the lifeblood of the Caribbean Beach Diet.  Unlike those diets that want you to avoid carbs, on the CBD carbs should be eaten in bulk so that your body starts to crave them even more.

After eating all of the above all day long, make sure you finish your day with a wonderful French meal so you have the energy to tackle the exhausting day ahead of you tomorrow.


  1. haha, sounds like your life is pretty tough down there. I think I need to get on the cbd diet too! :)

  2. Sounds like guilty pleasure heaven.


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