Friday, March 4, 2011

Five Things St. Martin Style

My week in St. Martin is coming to a close, and it's very challenging to narrow down my list of five favorite things from the trip.

Of course I had to list my ultimate favorite, the chocolate twists from Sarafina bakery in Marigot.  Chocolate croissants have one tiny strip of chocolate, but chocolate twists are a foot long and have chocolate throughout.  I would list these suckers in my top five of life.  They are seriously that good.

John and I don't get to play cards much, since with just two people it isn't quite as fun.  We've played an uncountable number of games of pinochle this week, and with the help of John's dad as my partner, my record is quite good.

If there's one thing the French know how to do, it's make a good baguette.  You can buy these all over the island at bakeries and grocery stores for about $1 and they are better than you can find anywhere in the U.S.  It's good  when you're on the island, but sad when you leave.  I have to wait another year for bread this good?

There's nothing like a vacation to allow you to catch up on your reading.  Reading on a lounge chair makes it all the better. I've read 5 magazines and two books so far.  Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is okay, but Hunger Games is not to be missed.  I literally made John drive me to the one bookstore on the island to try to buy the sequel.  Unfortunately it's too popular and they were sold out.  I can't wait to raid the Miami airport to find the sequel so I can devour it on my flight home.

Last but not least, spending time with my family makes the trip even more special.  *This Five Thing brought to you by the Thanks-For-Bringing-Me-On-Vacation counsel.*


  1. Do Semifreddi's morning buns make your top 5 for life?

  2. So glad you loved Hunger Games! I know my description of it was pretty terrible, but it is a super good book!

  3. That bread looks so good. Where'd you leave harper?


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