Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Things

I have a big thing for work Friday morning, so once that is over I will probably be especially eager for the weekend to start.  Worrying about that all week, along with long hours and rainy weather has turned me into a stressball.  I feel like I'm Cathy (from the comic) instead of Kathy (from real life) - screaming "Ack!!" with lots of weird sweat flying off my face.  Luckily I have my sweet puppy to put things in perspective.  She is always joyful and can put a smile on my face no matter what.

John's mom sent me a book last week and I can't seem to put it down.  Blood, Bones, and Butter got rave reviews from everyone, and it has proven to be a great read so far.  The author details how she ended up the chef at Prune in NYC, and her thoughtful descriptions and heartfelt revelations make this book unlike other food memoirs.  I highly recommend it.

This outdoor European market I frequent was somehow out of garlic, so I picked up this elephant garlic instead.  The name alone tells it all, as these cloves are at least 5-10 times the size of a normal garlic clove.  Perfect for saving some time on peeling cloves.  I will note, however, that it smells more like an onion than garlic, so I can't say that it's a perfect substitute.  Definitely makes life easier if you'd rather have one giant clove, though.

I used a Groupon recently to buy a subscription to Food and Wine magazine.  The past couple years I've been reading food magazines on plenty of airplanes, so I figured I might as well subscribe to one!  I prefer Food & Wine to Bon Appetit, mostly because I'm not too fond of the photography in Bon Appetit.  I guess harsh lighting is their thing for some reason.  The question is whether I'll end up reading my Food & Wine magazines at the gym, in the kitchen, or in that I'm not longer reading them in airplanes.  I have no doubt I'll read them though!

I held out on buying this super-sized bag of Nestle chocolate chips from Costco for as long as I could muster. Whether it was the coupon or the comedic value of it, I couldn't resist any longer.  Anyone want some chocolate chip cookies?  Everyone want chocolate chip cookies?

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