Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Status Report

Despite appearances, I am cooking still.  While I stir a pot, I glance over my shoulder and yell at Harper for eating Maddie's food, but I'm still cooking.  Hopefully I'll get around to posting the Asian recipes of late: Thai green curry, Korean beef bowl, and General Tsao's chicken.  Better than takeout, I promise you.  

We're having eight people (and two dogs) around the dinner table on Christmas and I'll be making prime rib.  Assuming it comes out well, I will be sure to post on it since someday my readers might be tasked with a Christmas dinner for 8 one day.  

Harper is very excited for all the family members flying in tonight.  The more people to play with her, the better!  And she still hasn't eaten any ornaments yet, but that's probably because we have a huge wall of boxes surrounding the tree.  Not the prettiest, but it does the job!  


  1. um, "yes, please!" on all those asian recipes you mention!!

  2. I second Laura. I didn't think there was something I would want on here other than Harper pics, but those recipes sound awesome!


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