Monday, December 6, 2010


Harper Pot-De-Creme LaBarre?  Harper MacKenzie LaBarre?  Harper Valrhona LaBarre?  Harper Holly LaBarre?  Harper Cocoa LaBarre?

So we've picked the first name, but the all-important middle name is yet-to-be decided.  

John created a list of great names for me to choose from so we could choose a name for the puppy quickly.  We went through the list a few times, narrowing it down slowly name-by-name.  Mitch started going through the names of the editorial board in my Martha Stewart Living magazine and somehow came up with the name Harper, even though no one could find the name or anything similar on the page.  It was fate, and the birthday boy chose the perfect name for our perfect puppy.

Welcome to the family, Harper.


  1. the first pic is sooo cute!

  2. I like Harper Pot-De-Creme LaBarre the best. Huffs full name is Huffington Mofat Pentz.


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