Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How'd I Do?

Last year I made ten Foodie Resolutions, and I figured it was high time to assess my 2010 progress.

1. Learn how to make pasta, do it well, and feast accordingly.
Well, I didn't make any pasta this year, but John made it a lot and it was wonderful.  It's now his "thing" in the kitchen, and I am more than happy to have him do the work.

2. Make a chocolate-chocolate cake that is to die for.  Hopefully in time for John's birthday.

3. Conquer flaky all-butter (i.e. no shortening) pie crust.
I avoided this one all year, but vow to give it a go soon!

4. Puree a soup into silken perfection using my immersion blender.  
I can't believe I hadn't done this a year ago!  I've done it many times already.

5. Make a pizza and crust all from scratch.  Might need a pizza stone for this one.
I've only been making pizza a year?  I'm already on my second pizza stone and my third or forth pizza dough recipe.  We have homemade from-scratch pizza once or twice a month now.

6. Figure out how to turn on my grill (I always make John do it).

7. Get over at least one food aversion (e.g mushrooms, lamb, beets, scallops).
I'm less of a wimp about mushrooms in my food, though I still prefer my food without them.  Lamb still doesn't do it for me, and I think I avoided beets and scallops all year.  Oops.

8. Try at least three new fruits and vegetables (quince, pomelo, bittermelon, etc.).
I did try pomelos (blech, just like grapefruit), but I can't think of anything else new I tried.  Is buffalo jerky a fruit?

9. Force John to let me get a deep fryer so I can make french fries.
After learning from a friend that this will make both me and John gain ten pounds, I decided to forfeit this resolution (for now).

10. Spend as much time in the kitchen as my job, marriage, and sanity will allow.
Done and done!

All in all I think it was a successful attempt, but I'm hoping to go ten for ten next year!


  1. That's pretty darned good! I can't even remember my resolution from last year. I like your idea about having a foodie resolution (or ten).

  2. I still think the deep fryer is a good idea...

  3. Good girl! and I second the no-deep-fryer idea--way better for you!!


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