Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

The life of a puppy is rough.  Sleep consumes about 18 hours of her day.  And when she is out, she is out.  

It's a beautiful thing to watch a puppy sleeping, though I can't decide whether she is cuter awake or asleep.  Tough call.    

Puppyhood is going well so far.  We are settling into a schedule and Harper is beginning to really understand the meaning of the word, "No!"  (Mostly, "NO (don't eat Maddie's food)!")  We think she's starting to learn her name too, which means there is no turning back.  It's exciting to watch her learn new things all the time, and it happens so quickly!  In the morning she doesn't know how to make it down the stairs outside the house, and later that afternoon she has figured it out.  

Leaving her every morning to go to work is painful, but it also means that I have a sweet ending to my day when I return home.  


  1. This report sounds much like life with a baby! Haha!

    She really is very cute! And I like the name!

  2. How adorable Huff wastes most of his day sleeping too.


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