Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Kiddos

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I'm spending mine surrounded by kiddos.

Well, adults are here too, but they are less keen to be photographed.

This little doll is Fiona.  Don't you love the pose?

Her brother, Grayson, had no intention of taking off these cool goggles for any pictures.  Oh well.

Ryan isn't little like the rest of them, but he is still my nephew.

Ryan is an amazing guitar player.  Kinda makes us adults feel like we are lacking in skills.

We were surprised today to find that it was a white Thanksgiving.  Apparently that happens in Pennsylvania.  We're not in California anymore.

I took a run in the snow, and there's nothing like a chill to make you pick up the pace.

Little Liam is the chattiest three year-old I know.

He and his dad went to go play in the snow.

Liam is going to be big and strong like his dad; look at him go!

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and are spending it around those you love!

1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking Liam came to your wedding though we didn't really get to meet him? The snow looks lovely when it's somewhere else!


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