Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Shower Fun

This past weekend I went to Chicago to throw my dear friend, Anika, a baby shower.  I've only been to, what, one baby shower in my life, so I'm obviously an expert in these sort of things.  I had energy though, so that was a step in the right direction.

Naturally I spent most of my time preparing for the shower by planning the menu.  I made a lot of lists, as is my nature.

Pumpkin cupcakes for dessert, per Anika's request.  Next time I throw a shower, I will make more dessert.  That's what everyone wants to eat anyway.

What newborn's wardrobe is complete without a Michigan State onesie?

There were lots of cards and gifts to open.  Everyone loves to shower their favorite friends with adorable gifts.

There were two other hostesses of the shower.  Rory and Anika have known each other since middle school, I think.  Rory's shower game was amazing: a quiz about Anika and Justin and their baby girl.  I was pretty embarrassed I didn't do better than I did, considering I talk to Anika every day.

Laura also hosted and graciously invited a dozen ladies into her home.  Not something one should do lightly.  

We had some group picture issues, but Anika managed to get one of all the guests.  Next time I should figure out how to use my self-timer before the party.

I had a great time at the shower and I hope everyone did too.  And if you're ever at a shower with me again, I promise to make more dessert.

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  1. It was a beautiful shower!! Thank you so much! The dessert was definitely a big hit, but so was your cream cheese dip. That was GONE.


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