Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Shower Menu

No, sadly, I am not talented enough to bake the onesie cookies we used as shower favors.  They are from Etsy (and organic!), though I should be flattered everyone kept asking if I made them (right?).  I was proud enough to have found something so cute, even if I didn't make them myself.

Apparently my post on pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing won over at least one reader, because Anika immediately requested I make them for her shower.  (Well, I kept asking her what kind of cupcakes she wanted, she didn't just demand them out of the blue.)  If you want the all-over-sprinkles look, pour some sprinkles into a bowl, dip the cupcake in, and voila!  The sprinkles stay on really well this way because they are somewhat pressed into the icing.  And it makes you look like a professional.  Win-win, people.

Next up, broccoli salad, though this one had beef bacon.  I had never had beef bacon before, and I plan on never having it again.  While it looks like bacon, it tastes very little like bacon (more like jerky).

One of the new recipes I tried for the shower was an herb dip that ended up being incredible.  I'll be posting on it soon, so be on the lookout.  This is definitely the best dip I've ever made.

Laura did a great job cutting all the vegetables all pretty.  I think we ended up going through all of them, to be honest.  People in Chicago must be healthy eaters.  Weirdos.

Laura also made a fruit salad, since someone's baby seems to prefer vegetables and fruits to unhealthy food.  I suppose since it was in her honor, we should respect her wishes demands.

One thing that didn't managed to get photographed were the mini frittatas.  I might have to make them again soon, because, people, these adorable bites were delicious.  Next time I throw a party, these suckers will be there.  Easy, healthy, and delicious?  Who knew that could be possible with party food.  


  1. Those pumpkin cupcakes were DELICIOUS. I'm so glad I saved my weekly gluten cheating for them. And sorry my baby likes to eat healthy, I've just been telling her she's fat so she's on a bit of a veggies and fruit only kick. Who knew body dysmorphia started so early? Poor thing.

    I agree on the beef bacon, I much prefer turkey bacon.

    And, people, that herb dip was heaven. HEAVEN I tell you!

    love you! Thank you for the wonderful wonderful shower!

  2. p.s. I will totally be making those frittatas at my next get together. They were so cute and so yum!


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