Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have You Seen...

Guest Post by Madison Lexington LaBarre
Have you seen my dad?  He's been missing for almost two weeks and I'm not pleased.  I've been looking for him everywhere.  Whenever I hear a creak in the house or a noise outside I always perk up in the hopes that he's about to walk in the door.  When my mom is walking me down the street and I see someone approaching I am always eager to say hi in hopes that it will be my dad.

Who else am I supposed to wrestle with and cover with my white fur?   And who is going to carry me up the stairs when my old legs are too tired to climb?  No one around here will let me lick their shaved head to my heart's content.

It just isn't the same without him.  Please let me know if you've seen him and send him home.


  1. It's almost time for an Amber alert!

  2. When I asked for more Maddie posts, I didn't mean the saddest post ever! This post just broke my heart. You go give Madison some loving from me. Poor sweet little girl.


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