Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fruit Ice Cream Boycott

When John and I like an ice cream flavor I make, it doesn't even last a week.  Frankly, not a day goes by without us eating it.  Right now I have three tubs of ice cream in my freezer, barely touched.  I'm running out of Pyrex and room, yet I keep trying to make fruit ice cream worth eating.  So far it hasn't happened yet.  Pictured above is actually the best of the fruit ice cream I've made: apricot ice cream.  It wasn't bad, which is pretty faint praise for ice cream.  The flavors just weren't strong enough.

I grew up loving the peach milk shakes from Hardee's.  My mom and I would slurp them after a trip to the library in the summer, which just so happened to be across the street from Hardee's.  No wonder I was always requesting a new book.  I had high hopes for nectarine ice cream due to my peach milkshake days, but it fell flat.  The nectarine ice cream recipe called for sour cream and blech, it tasted like it had sour cream in there.  Not pleasant.  

I also made cherry frozen yogurt.  The cherries were super sweet, which I thought would make for great frozen yogurt.  Unfortunately, it made for a slightly bland initial flavor (the yogurt) followed by an aching sweetness from the cherries.  Not making that one again. 

I figured - okay, okay, if fruit ice creams and frozen yogurts aren't panning out, why not go back to sorbets?  I made a watermelon sorbet with thick pink watermelon hunks.  It tasted of watermelon, but not any better than watermelon is naturally.  That's the problem with all of the recipes I think.  I love fruit and eat a lot of it, but if I'm going to go through the trouble of making the fruit into something, and usually making it more unhealthy by adding fat and sugar, it better taste a lot better than the fruit.  None of these recipes were able to trump the plain pieces of fruit, which is why they were left to turn into icy blocks in my freezer.  Strawberry sorbet is so far the only fruit sorbet/ice cream/frozen yogurt I've made that I loved.  So for awhile I'm going to stick to strawberry sorbet and rich, creamy, and chocolatey non-fruit ice creams.  The fruit will find a way into my belly anyway.  


  1. Oh sad. But I guess fruit was just meant to be eaten in its original form. Back to the chocolatey ice creams!

  2. very interesting. i love fruit sorbets that i get at the gelatoria. they never disappoint. weird that its not working out for u

  3. I wonder if they're using a sort of distillation or essence as part of the flavoring to give it a boost? The fruit is just too juicy to give you the flavor you need to give it the burst that is expected. Maybe?


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