Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cavallo Point Anniversary Weekend

To celebrate our anniversary (albeit a little late), John and I headed up to Cavallo Point.  An old army base transformed into the "Inn at the Golden Gate" makes for a beautiful setting to celebrate.

Instead of the older army buildings, we were staying in the new buildings up the hill.  Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the room, but I can assure you it was big, beautiful, modern, and comfortable.  We were in heaven.

Each morning they had pastries and coffee (green tea for me) in the lobby.  Naturally I had a chocolate croissant every day.  Speaking of which, is it time to go back to St. Martin yet?

While in Marin, we decided we needed to hit our favorite place, Point Reyes.  One day the population will be 352 as John and I move in (around 2035).

The Point Reyes farmers market is a small one, but full of character.  John rolled his eyes at these haricot verts (he hates French things, despite his LaBarre heritage), but I told him haricot verts are actually a different vegetable than American green beans.  

This vendor sold different varieties of basil - I never even thought about different basils having different flavor.  Wish I had picked some up!

I can't decide whether the flowers are prettier than the multi-colored radishes on the front of the table.  

Roadkill green beans.  

Golden Brown and Delicious - after having one of these grilled cheeses about a year ago I knew I'd be having another on this visit to Point Reyes.  

The toasty cheese on the outside was the best part.  

Point Reyes Compost Co: Don't let anyone else give you crap.  

Could there be a more perfect slogan?

This little fella (gal?) was standing on his hind legs and looking from side to side for mom and dad.  He was like a little furry toddler.  

You over there, Ma?

Next we drove up to Dillon Beach for the first time.  

Just another beautiful beach in California.  

Just another cute hubby on a beautiful beach in California. 

All my frolicking Maddie pictures turned out blurry, but I had to post some photos of my gal.  She looks pretty funny mid-leap, if you ask me.  

Lookin' pretty funny mid-shake too.  I have a dream of getting an in-focus shot of Maddie shaking off one day.  

Saturday afternoon I spent on our porch reading my September issue of Elle and eating hummus and pita chips from the farmers market.  Not a bad way to relax.

Oh and I had this view too.  

What a great weekend!


  1. Oh how beautiful!!! I love the Maddie pics especially :)

  2. i really want to eat that grilled cheese sandwich.


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