Monday, August 16, 2010

Betsey Getting Married

This weekend John and I flew to Virginia Beach for my good friend, Betsey's, wedding.  Flew to Virginia Beach isn't exactly the right phrase, since we flew to Philly, where our flight was cancelled, and we had to rent a car and drive to Virginia Beach in order to make it to the wedding on time.  It was an adventure.

We were so glad we made it in time to see the beautiful ceremony.  

It's always so wonderful to see a deserving person find someone that makes them so happy.  (Excuse the blurry picture, but I just loved how Betsey was looking at Chris.)

The reception was a blast, and the bride even took the time to sing some Truly, Madly, Deeply karaoke.  Good ole Savage Garden.

I don't know why I look so devilish in this picture.  What a creepy face.  I had to post it anyway since it was our only picture with the beautiful bride.  Congratulations, Betsey and Chris!  We are so happy for you!  


  1. SO CUTE. Betsey looks great! You guys look okay, I guess. Maybe don't look so creepy next time, K.



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