Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank God for Big Cabinets

It's a good thing we have a lot of cabinets and drawers in our kitchen, because I'm working hard to fill them.  Well with John's help.  He gave me all kinds of amazing gifts for Christmas, and here are just a few. 

Is this an adorable apron or what?  I think it's a hint to make him some cupcakes.

And little bows to boot!  This apron isn't for the masculine. 

A few additions to the cookbook library that congregates on our kitchen counter ledge. 

This one I obviously requested.  I may have even sent an Amazon link to John and demanded he get it for me.  Teehee. 

It's everything I dreamed it would be, Pioneer Woman in all her glory.  It's fun that it has the step-by-step pictures that her blog is full of. 

He also got me these cookbooks from our favorite bakeries in New York - Buttercup and Magnolia. 

Buttercup is John's favorite from our days in New York, so to thank him I will have to bake him some chocolate-chocolate cupcakes.  Not that I would mind eating them either.

How beautiful is this cake?

I got the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook from the library a few months back, and I was really disappointed when I had to return it.  You can't find most of these recipes online, so I definitely needed my own copy.

There are a bunch of recipes for delicious-looking bars.  A few are peanut-butter-centric, so clearly I'll be making those first.

You can't tell from this picture, but this Le Creuset pan is ceramic-coated-cast iron.  It's also a great size that isn't like anything else I have.  Good choice, John!

This was one of my favorite gifts.  A set with four mini cocottes and a cookbook for helping you figure out what to make in them.  You know you are jealous!

The cookbook has some savory things.

And some sweet things.  I want to make all of them.

They are just too freakin' cute!

I've been dying for a giant cutting board with a moat.  I was getting a bit sick of watermelon juice all over the counter. 

And two more Global knives to add to our collection.  My parents also got John a Global knife sharpener too, which I didn't realize how badly we needed until I used these brand new knives.

So now it's time to use all these fun new things and get back in the kitchen.  

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