Wednesday, January 27, 2010

St. Martin Cliff Notes

While St. Martin is still fresh in my mind (aka I'm still here), I figured I would try to sum up the vacation in a nutshell.  The Cliffs Notes version of the trip, if you will.

Vee and Candy are the two lovely ladies I've been spending lots of time with for the past week.  We try to band together and beat the guys at pinochle.

Here's Vee with her hubby Geoff, also known as the comic relief of the trip.

The views are beautiful all over the island.  You get a little spoiled because it seems every little town and every restaurant has water views. 

There are dogs roaming the island, which is definitely something you don't see in the U.S.  This little guy was taking a bit of a nap sea-side while he waited for some lunch-goers to share some leftover ribs with him.

Speaking of ribs, we've been having them a lot, and I've been quite the happy camper.  Ribs aren't very popular in California, and I've been missing them dearly.  John isn't a fan, so I haven't gone to the trouble to make them for just myself.  I can't figure out if we got BBQ ribs from the Caribbean islands, or if they got it from us.  The locals love this stuff.

This woman was walking down the road with about 10 baguettes.  This is a common sight around here.  The French baguettes are to die for, because we are on the French side of the island of course.  I thought we had great bread in California, but it really is nothing in comparison to real French bread.  I've probably eaten about 3 loaves by myself since we arrived.  

One of the unique things about St. Martin is that their airport is adjacent to a beach (and a bar overlooking said beach).  That means incoming planes look like they're about to touch down on the sand instead of the runway.  This picture would be more exciting if it was a 747, but we only got to see some of the small planes come in. 

At the bar they post the flight arrival times for that day so you know when to pay attention.  

I'm not the only one interested in taking pictures of planes.  It's obviously a popular activity here.  Reminds me of decades ago when people would go to airports just to watch the planes. 

And of course I've been hanging out with this goober a lot.  He complained I wasn't taking enough funny pictures of him on the trip.  So here you go, honey.  


  1. Looks amazing!!! But the pic of the cute little napping dog made me think, who's watching maddie??!

  2. I've been checking for a pictorial and appreciate the Cliff Notes :-)


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