Saturday, January 2, 2010

Foodie Resolutions

Well, folks, it's that time of year.  We put our Christmas trees out on the curb to be turned into mulch, and we make a few resolutions that we almost never keep.  This year I've decided to only make food-related resolutions so that there is a chance I might have some fun with them instead of hating a "eat healthier" type of plan.  So here goes, my 2010 resolutions:

1. Learn how to make pasta, do it well, and feast accordingly.
2. Make a chocolate-chocolate cake that is to die for.  Hopefully in time for John's birthday.
3. Conquer flaky all-butter (i.e. no shortening) pie crust.
4. Puree a soup into silken perfection using my immersion blender. 
5. Make a pizza and crust all from scratch.  Might need a pizza stone for this one.
6. Figure out how to turn on my grill (I always make John do it).
7. Get over at least one food aversion (e.g mushrooms, lamb, beets, scallops).
8. Try at least three new fruits and vegetables (quince, pomelo, bittermelon, etc.).
9. Force John to let me get a deep fryer so I can make french fries.
10. Spend as much time in the kitchen as my job, marriage, and sanity will allow.


  1. I'd opt for mushrooms.



  2. You don't eat lamb??? You are seriously missing out!!

  3. The foodie with food aversions...

  4. great resolutions. can't wait to hear all about those adventures

  5. Oh, and J is DYING for a deep fryer. Maybe we can go deep fryer shopping when we come to SF :)

  6. My mom had a pizza stone, but it messed up her timing on cooking since it adds a fair amount of time. I'm sure if she hadn't left it in there all the time it would have turned out better....

  7. Did you get an extruder for your kitchen aide? If you have a stone pan from pampered chef, that'll do as a pizza stone, just not round. There used to be a "Fry Baby" and a "Fry Daddy" of different sizes. Baby should be enough for fries for the two of you...otherwise HUGE waste of oil.


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