Thursday, January 7, 2010


No, I'm not talking about the gremlin.  I'm talking about fun kitchen gadgets that I got for Christmas.  I've been dying for a mandolin so I can make a better potato gratin.  I also might use it to make potato chips someday.  Yum. 

John, being the person he is, obviously got me the nicest mandolin he could find.  Look at all the fun stuff it does. 

I was about to say "I have no idea what coupe gaufree is" and then I saw that it was French for waffle cut.  In my defense "julienne" was the same in both languages.  On a related note, I have no idea how this machine will make a waffle cut, but I'll let you know!

I also received this amazing immersion blender!!  We don't even have a regular blender, so I obviously needed this. 

Really I just wanted it to make silky smooth soups.  It is really annoying to transfer hot soup to your food processor in a bunch of batches to try to smooth out a soup.  It's a mess and doesn't even do a great job.  This little Cuisinart is going to be a life saver! 


  1. Ok, so I know we have never met, but I've been dying to tell you-- I got a wafflemaker that makes waffles in the shape of 4 hearts!!! So instead of pulling away a circle into 4 pie pieces or a square into four smaller squares, you pull away this flower-looking waffle into four small hearts.

    I love it!! And it makes the small, non-Belgium waffles too. So may I have your cookie waffle recipe?

  2. I made salmon this week using your recipe. YUM-O! Hope the new job is going great!!!

  3. Now I want an immersion blender too!!!


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