Wednesday, August 5, 2009

White out

Apparently John and I have a thing for white ceramic. We went to Crate and Barrel yesterday in search of some sangria pitchers and also came home with quite a few white ceramic pieces for the party. In our defense, we only had two small round platters before this and I needed at least another one or two for the party.

This one is pretty basic and might be holding the firecracker shrimp tomorrow...mmm firecracker shrimp.

I actually bought a much less cute veggie/dip holder earlier in the day, but when we saw this we decided I'd be returning the ugly one. Sorry, ugly one, but we are superficial. This will soon be filled with sun-dried tomato dip, cucumbers, baby carrots, broccoli, and pita chips. Yum!

How cute is this? I'll be honest, the lid is most of the cuteness and I can't exactly keep the lid on during the party, but oh well. I am thinking this will be filled with corn casserole, otherwise known as the best use of corn you will ever taste. I already removed the kernels from 8 cobs. That was a lot of work.

Not pictured is an oval white ceramic platter that is feeling left out.

I also got a new grater that I will be testing out for the mac and cheese. Clearly we did not hold ourselves back.

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  1. White is the best way to go! No worries about it clashing with stuff, even years later. Love it all!


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