Monday, August 3, 2009

Running Around Town

Pretty view, isn't it? This picture was taken as John and I drove into the Bay Area at the end of our cross-country drive.

After my dentist appointment today I was running around town like a madwoman. I had to get all of the groceries for the party as well as some platters, dishes, pitchers, and servers. I also had to keep coming home in between stores because I was buying items that really needed to be kept cold (cream cheese, eggs, sour cream, etc.). Here is the rundown of my running around:

Daiso (Japanese self-proclaimed "livingware store" )
Trader Joe's
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Williams Sonoma
Crate and Barrel

This may be a personal record. Our fridge is fuller than it's ever been - which I can say with certainty since we've only had it two months, and it's been pretty empty. Luckily I got the keys to the "club house" at our complex and put some of the drinks and such in there to cool. Tomorrow is the first official cooking day!

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