Monday, August 17, 2009


Happy birthday to my friend, Natalie! She lives in the Bay Area too, and we hang out a lot - shopping and eating mostly. What a great friendship! She sent me the above picture along with many embarrassing photos of me after a night of Rock Band at her place. She is about 1,000 times better at this game than me or John. Also at DDR. So basically she invites us over to her place and then kills us at video games.

Alright fine, to make up for posting this lovely picture of Natalie, I will post a similar one of myself.

I have no idea what I'm singing, but I know I'm singing it badly. That's Mitch in the picture. He and Natalie met at our wedding. He, too, clearly knows how to rock out at Rock Band.

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  1. I'm totally making you sing on our rock band this weekend.


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